Taking the Plunge

An internet psychic once told me that I should write like I am an author, all of the time like it’s my job, and that if I did that someday my writing would be like a dream come true for me. He said my passion would eventually be my profession and that sparkly unicorns would deliver my massive paychecks right to my door every week. Ok, he didn’t say the unicorn thing, and he also said some other really disturbing stuff about the other parts of my life that I choose to ignore, AND he had questionable grammar…. but I feel like he was probably onto something with the writing bit, and fame indeed is waiting for me up ahead. So here I am. *true story
For a long time I’ve avoided the blogosphere because: 1. What do I have to say that other people want to hear?  2. Will I annoy, offend, and bore people?  3. Would F. Scott Fitzgerald have ever had a blog?? I’ve finally decided to take the plunge because 1. Even if just my mom and three-ish frinds read it that’s ok. 2. I’m almost in my mid-thirties now so what do I care if people like me or not?  3. Since I haven’t written the sequel to The Great Gatsby yet I probably don’t need to draw comparisons like that. However, F. Scott and I both like a good cocktail so I did pour myself a glass of vodka, baileys and almond milk right before I sat down to do this. It sounds weird but it’s delicious.
My title took some thought. I went through a few before I was reminded of my self-created term “mombot” and realized I wanted to incorporate it. It’s the term I use to describe those phases of mothering when you feel like you have lost all sense of self and where if someone snapped their fingers you would probably crap out a grilled cheese sandwich and start singing the theme song to Dora the Explorer. Auto-pilot mode. You are lost in the momming and the only way to beat it is to keep doing whatever it is that you do to stay connected to the other parts of yourself. That can apply to whatever it is you do day in and day out. We all wind up wearing the gazeless gaze of a mombot sometimes. So, we all fight that fight one way or another, and make sure to throw things into our daily routine that keep us fueled, inspired, and full. Writing is one of my things… hence this blog. I was reading a serious and important publication today (People Magazine), where it cited an interview with an important cultural figure (Gwenyth Paltrow), where she said she realized she needed to divorce Chris Martin because she had “hit a wall.” She said that she felt like the only way to prove her self-worth was to keep doing things for other people and that there was nothing left of herself. Nothing left of her own interests and passions. I realized then that not only were we both tall, skinny, stunning, famous, blonde vegans who had married rockstars….we had both had mombot moments. We don’t all divorce hot rockstars over them, but to each her own. People everywhere are muddling through their journey the best they can and trying to make sense of it all along the way. I felt like if Gwen and I had a shared understanding of that sentiment and the intensity behind it then maybe other people out there would too. The term mombot and the reality behind it could possibly be universally loved and appreciated. *If it isn’t see #2 above.
So my blog will be about my life. It’s ordinary in a good way and I find a lot to laugh about as I raise my kids, teach, and go about the story that is mine these days. I’ll tell you my mombot moments and all the rest. When I was reading about my girl Gwen I started thinking to myself, What do you really have to do Gwen??? Don’t you have a nanny, personal assistant, chef, housekeeper, driver, and like a ziliion dollars??? Somebody call this girl a waaaambulance! And then I checked myself. No judgement G. Our realities are all relative to our experience and they are all important in some small way. So as I take this leap I hope I can keep you at least marginally entertained, and you can relate to me in your own way as I share my ordinary life with you. And no judgement of course. Gwenyth Paltrow rules apply.

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    I loved it and I'm not even a mombot but a retired grandma who loves a good read and a good laugh. I got both. Now I'm fixing to make that adult beverage you mentioned.

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