I’m not usually hugely patriotic. I realize it’s not a very widely adored attitude, but I’m just being honest. I’ve visited 12 other countries and I’ve liked pretty much all of them, so it’s sometimes hard for me to swallow the flag waving, “we are the ‘best’ country in the world,” mentality. I understand loving the good ole USA, but Italy is pretty great too. So is France, and Spain, and Ireland. So what makes us the “best?” Is there a rubric? My theory is that people like to say it because they want it to be true. I guess I just think that other places are pretty damn amazing too, and many times, far superior in certain aspects than our beloved US of A. That’s just reality. So, while I’m a fan of ‘merica in general, I also don’t understand the attitude of needing to “best” the rest of the free world. I’ve never related to the desire to tag it as the winner in some imaginary competition of greatness. Then again, I’m not very competitive by nature.

But, sometimes, something amazing does happen that actually gives you a reason to really wave that red, white and blue flag around. Like, if there was a rubric, we would have just aced that sucker. Those are the days where there is something tangible to be proud of. Something you can speak about with specific admiration. Yesterday, just a little shy of the 4th of July, was one of those days.

Gay marriage finally became legal in all 50 states, and that IS something to brag about. The hold-up was getting to be too much. I mean….honestly. Why anyone ever cared, I’ll never know.

Few things have baffled me more than the reluctance to accept the lifestyle of the LGBT community.

The big deal about it completely escapes me. I have been confounded by the notion that in a world plagued by poverty, addiction, racism, violent crime, corruption, and greed, there are people that choose homosexuality as their “cause” to stand up against?? How silly and sad. How disappointing and small. 

There is a girl who I’ve known since childhood, in a way that I consider to be family, who is a lesbian. She was deployed to the desert in the middle of Afghanistan for a year, so that she could fight the battle of a country who didn’t stand up for her in the most basic of ways. She wasn’t granted the same civil rights and liberties that she defended every day… and yet she still did the job. Pretty outstanding if you ask me. I sure as hell wouldn’t have done it. It’s about time someone stood up for her, and the millions of other people that have suffered the same discriminations.

So….rather than trying to sort my feelings out about the idiocy that blinds many, or even worse, to try and argue it, I’m going to choose to be profoundly happy, and extraordinarily relieved, that their close-minded voices finally weren’t loud enough. I’m going to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the ignorant outcries of opposition made by those that choose not to celebrate this great leap in acceptance. I will be stoked about the prevail of fairness, acceptance and humanity for so many. I’m going to be glad for the millions of people who have lived under the veil of discrimination, and who can now enjoy the rights they are fundamentally entitled to. I’m going to ignore that haters. We wouldn’t like each other anyway.

I’m going to be happy that my own sweet children will grow up in a world where they are taught not only by me, but by the law, that all love is equal and something to celebrate. They will learn that happiness between any two people is happiness all the same. Seems like playground rules to me, so I’m confident they should have no problem understanding. Thankfully, they will never know a time or place where that was anything but truth, and I very much doubt they will think twice about it. 

I’m going to light a rainbow of fireworks next weekend with intention, and celebrate every color I see.

Love won. And that’s something to be proud of.

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