10 Reasons We Won’t Be Friends

Part of evolving into a grown ass woman is learning who you want to devote your extremely limited free time to, and picking your friends accordingly. Once you throw a couple of kids into the mix, getting out for drinks on a weekday is on par with breaking out of Alcatraz. So the choice you make regarding the company you keep deserves serious consideration. Nothing is worse than successfully deviating from your daily grind and then wishing you’d stayed home in your PJs because of a bogus companion. That is a serious life violation and must not be taken lightly. Here are the deal breakers I look for to avoid that tragedy:

You expect me to look like I was styled by the Kardashian’s glam squad to meet you for a drink. Chill out! If you want to walk in on a Wednesday night looking you spent two hours getting ready for little old me, then I will be flattered by your effort, but it is highly unlikely I’ll have done the same. I probably just wiped mac and cheese off my shirt and ran out the door. I like a pal who takes me as I am and doesn’t mind a graphic tee in a restaurant.

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