How Yoga Prevents Mental Breakdowns


I discovered hot vinyasa yoga when my big kid was about 18-months-old and I was in the middle of the mental holy-shit transition of accepting that I was actually a mom. When you really stop and think about that task it’s fairly impossible to take even remotely lightly. Like, this kid is yours forever, and you are responsible for making sure he or she turns out to be physically, mentally, emotionally, culturally, and humanly successful and well-rounded some day. Ummmm, what? Wasn’t I eating Cheetos in a dorm room like five minutes ago? What happened here?

To an over-thinker that is pretty up-there on the serious scale.

Needless to say, my mind needed to find a way to have a time-out from all of that being blown to bits by enormous responsibility, and I figured my ass could use a few down-dogs too, so off I went to my neighborhood yoga studio. Couldn’t be that hard right?


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