10 Signs You Are Done Having Kids

Deciding whether or not to keep popping out more babies is a big deal for most moms. It can feel very final and lead to a lot of reflection on whether or not you feel complete as a mother, a person and a family. Naturally, it can be a tough call, full of agony, distress and sobbing into piles of tiny onesies. There is a lot of going back and forth, and general emotional upheaval. Many wonder if they will wind up filled with regret one day for deciding one way or the other. They seek the advice of other mothers about when they knew they were done having babies. Sometimes their worst fears are confirmed when they consult women who regret the choice they made, and now it’s too late. The mental pinball likely makes their heads feel like exploding. They probably cry and eat chocolate and watch too many episodes of A Baby Story, wondering how they will ever know for sure.

Other times, it’s not like that at all. Sometimes it’s actually even pretty easy. I was pretty securely in that camp. I went back and forth for about a minute until one of my kids screamed and punched the other one, and then I was like, “Nope, we’re all good here. Pass the BC please.” Sometimes recognizing your own limitations doesn’t involve a struggle. Either way, it’s still a big deal.

Here are some of the telltale signs that you are finito with the baby making:

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