8 Ways to Raise Kids Who Can Cope (even if you can’t)

You want them to be happy.

Don’t you?

Oh, and culturally, socially and academically successful, too. (Of course.)

You want them to be perfect pillars of well-roundedness.

That’s just the parenting age in which we live!

And we’re a great generation of parents, in so many ways. We fill our children with joy. We work to shield them from harm, disappointment, sadness, failure, and boredom.

You work hard to help your kids to sail through life.

Your intentions are good, but the problem is, that’s not real life.Every single child will face failure and negative emotions.

Are we doing our kids any favors by manipulating reality and try to hide all the nasty parts?


We may even be doing them harm.

It’s a struggle to find balance.

So, what can we do to avoid raising a generation of teacup children that grow up to be entitled adults?

How do we raise kids who can cope with life’s twists and turns?

The answer lies in awareness.

Here are 8 ways you can help your child learn to cope with life.

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